Thursday, April 14, 2011


My friend and co-worker (and fellow dolphin) Jill (the new Mrs. H) has started an awesome DIY blog called Found and Found.  Basically, she tweets (and blogs) sweet Craigslist deals, and gives you great ideas for projects.  I'm on the lookout for 1. bookcases, 2. sideboard/buffet, 3. dresser...and Craigslist is definitely within my price range.  

Be sure to check out Found and Found!

happy happy (springtime)

1. FRIENDS (i own the series on dvd. it's been a lifesaver the past few weeks.)
2. febreeze
3. Boo Radley (the kitten)
4. Double Chocolate Chip Cookies (momma's recipe. i'll share soon.)
5. the public library
6. lazy weekends
7. dinner dates with wonderful friends
8. Ethos Church (church planting and a school in India? 1.2 million meals to Zambia?  let's go!)
9. crafting

Scout and Boo

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