Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Water for Elephants: A Book Review

I started reading Water for Elephants (by Sara Gruen) on Monday afternoon.  By Tuesday night, I had 20 pages left.  I finished it this afternoon while waiting at the doctor's office, and I can honestly say it's a real page turner.

The narrator, Jacob, flashes back and forth between his present-day life (in assisted living) and his past working as a veterinarian in a traveling circus.  The author weaves a magical and beautifully written tale filled with wild animals, sequined costumes, and circus acts within prohibition-era America.  The book is riveting, and provides adventure, romance, and  a little bit of danger.  

Sara Gruen has created vivid characters that are well-developed and full of life.  She makes me want to befriend an elephant and be in the circus, hop on a train and find romance. 

The movie version of Water for Elephants comes out soon, but I highly recommend reading the book first.  There's something magical about books, and the movies never seem to do them justice.  Go to the library, bookstore, or somewhere.  Buy it, borrow it, just don't steal it.

Happy reading!
Scout and Boo

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