Monday, May 2, 2011

Things I Want from Thrifting

1. Windows.  Gorgeous, shabby chic, paneled windows.  Sashes and all.  If you have any leads, let me know!

2. Sideboard/Buffet. Currently, I have my narrow desk sitting on the inside of my front door.  A sideboard or buffet would be the perfect place for flowers, mail....

3. Antique Wall Mirror. I found a fabulous mirror on Craigslist recently, but the seller wouldn't take less than $100 for it.  Back to the drawing board!

4. Dresser.  It's for my craft room (in progress).  I want some place to store all the crafty things without leaving all over the place.  

5. Vintage Posters.  I have a couple vintage-inspired posters hanging up in my apartment, and I must have more!

What sort of things make your thrifting heart happy?

Scout and Boo

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